Ghosts at Haunted Bulloch Hall in Roswell? Lights Debunked!

7 12 2008
The Supposedly Haunted Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia

The Supposedly Haunted Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia

We made our way back out to Roswell, Georgia to check out the flickering lights at the supposedly haunted Bulloch Hall. As odd as it was when the lights turned off and on as we entered the property and left we came to discover last night the lights were in fact timed and not paranormal. We noted that the lights turned off every 6 1/2 minutes for 2 seconds and would turn back on. We also observed this with the street lights in the parking lot and the lights at a haunted confederate cemetery in Marietta, Georgia. If you watch the second video on the Bulloch Hall lights you will note that the video is over 5 minutes in length (lights turned off at the end). This video was recorded seconds after the lights turned off. That means that the lights turned off around 6 minutes later.

Although the lights appeared to be timed we had no explanation for why the lights didn’t go off 2 weeks ago when we sat on the front porch for about 20-30 minutes. Last night, however, while near the porch the lights did in fact go off every 6 minutes.

As the legend goes… A young girl (around age 14) fell down the well in the backyard and is believed to haunt the property. People have also reported seeing a family in the front yard watching them as they walk by the property. As we brought Emma to the hall she kept “sensing” something paranormal in the yard to the right of the museum. After checking out the spot she was constantly pointed at… wala! we discovered the well that was supposedly in the backyard.

A wierd occurence that has happened quite frequently when we visit the hall are loud “thumps” coming from Bulloch Hall. Also, noises are heard quite frequently around the property, I heard a lot of “squeaks” near the well area when Emma reported hearing a little girl screaming. I’m awaiting to hear Andrew’s EVPs for further analysis of this.

Haunted or not, this is an awesome place to check out late at night.




2 responses

11 12 2008

Wow, Emma rocks! she is like… my little sensing sparrow! Omg… makes me want to cry!


11 12 2008

I want to go again. :]

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