Creepy Night at Cheatham Hill Battlefield in Kennesaw, Georgia

14 12 2008
Haunted Cheatham Hill Civil War Battlefield - Part of Kennesaw Battlefield in Kennesaw, Georgia

Haunted Cheatham Hill Civil War Battlefield - Part of Kennesaw Battlefield in Kennesaw, Georgia

Reported to be one of the most haunted battlefields in the Atlanta area, Cheatham Hill Battlefield/Kennesaw Battlefield has been known for strange EVPs and ghostly photographs taken both during the day and through the night. The Illinois Monument, located at the top of Cheatham Hill has been reported to be the most active location at the battlefield. This makes sense as feet directly in front of the monument is the exact spot where most of the soldiers were killed in the battle. Could the strange experiences at Cheatham Hill be the ghosts of civil war soldiers residualing haunting the grounds in which they were killed?

To the south of Pigeon Hill lies land that gently slopes uphill from the Union positions. Johnston assigns two of his best commanders to defend the area. Both Benjamin Franklin Cheatham and Patrick Cleburne command men who are battle tested, hardened to a fine edge. Supported by an intricate web of earthworks and entanglements, these veterans see the hardest fighting of the day. To the west Union Generals Jefferson C. Davis and John Newton form behind Thomas’ line. The plan is to rush the Confederates en masse, hopefully breaking through and routing the boys in gray.

Click HERE to read more on the history of Cheatham Hill and Kennesaw Battlefield

Entering Cheatham Hill was a difficult task… Not only did we have to walk a trail through the woods in the middle of night, but it was difficult to make out most of the trail. At first we followed the wrong path leading us in the wrong direction. It was quite neat, however, to see the glowing eyes of deer roaming the open fields to the west of Cheatham Hill. After about a mile walk through the open fields of deer and a dirt road into the woods we came to the conclusion we were marching down a trail to nowhere. We decided to turn around make to the spot we started and found the correct trail.

Upon entering the woods on the trail I had my most terrifying experience witnessing a bat/bird take off directly from the right of my leg into the sky starling me the most (as I was near the creature). After a 5 minute hike through the woods we reach our destination: Cheatham Hill Battlefield.

We walked to the top of the hill near the Illinois monument and snapped many photos of the battlefield directly in front of us. I did get a lot of oddly colored “orbs” appearing directly in front of us in our photos. Please be aware the temperature was in the 30’s so I am not sure how many bugs were in the air around us. The photos from Cheatham Hill Battlefield are displayed below…

Multi-Colored Balls of Light "Orbs" Around the Illinois Monument at Cheatham Hill Battlefield in Kennesaw, Georgia

Semi-Transparent Ball of Light "Orb" at the Top of Cheatham Hill Battlefield

Blue Ball of Light "Orb" In the Air at the Top of Cheatham Hill Battlefield

Odd, Multi-Colored Spherical Ball of Light "Orb" Moving Through Air at the Top of Cheatham Hill Battlefield

We did not stay very long at Cheatham Hill Battlefield, however, we did have one experience that we could not explain. While standing quietly near the Illinois Monument Jennifer and Emma both experienced whispering coming from the left side of the monument. I stood quietly on the right side of the monument and began hearing a “rustling” in my right ear which I could not tell if it was the leafs in the tree due to the wind it clearly did sound like whispering. At this point we called it a night and headed back through the woods to the car. I’m quite sure Cheatham Hill Battlefield in Kennesaw, Georgia has it’s share of haunted activity which makes us all the more anxious to return soon!

Below are a couple of links I thought were interesting about the paranormal experiences at Cheatham Hill Battlefield, besure to check them out!

  1. Cheatham Hill Battlefield EVPs – Illinois Monument
  2. A Book Summary Detailing the Ghostly Experiences of a group of Re-enactors at Cheatham Hill Battlefield



3 responses

1 11 2011

I recently went here also, i only leave a minute away, so me and my cousins and some neighbors went at night and took pictures, we saw a few creepy things, but we never took pictures at the monument which i wish we did.

6 03 2013

I went out to Cheathum Hill with my sister last year, and in two of my photos I cought two different orbes. When I zoomed in on them you can clearly see faces. One looks like a older man with a thick mustach! The other looks like a younger man. Both orbes were caught near the parking lot at Cheathum Hill.

12 04 2014
Clay Feeter

I do not know what this means as far as whether it was paranormal or not but here goes. A friend and I about the year 1999 for walking at the base of the Illinois monument at Cheatham Hill when where my great great grandfather was wounded with an Illinois regiment and also he lost many friends in that battle. Back in 1999 as we were talking across the valley where the Illinois Richmond begin to start their charge up the hill a branch fell down from the tree… I ran over and pick it up after it fell about 8 stories down from the top of the tree and I brought it home with me as a commemoration of my ancestors wounding. But does it have more meaning?

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