Letter From a Visitor – Hell’s Church, Canton

2 01 2009

We recently received an e-mail from a visitor to our site giving us some explanations on the legends surrounding Hell’s Church in Canton, GA. Please read and give us your thoughts!

Just thought that I would give you some insight on Hell’s Church in Canton, GA.

The “hauntings” started in the 70’s, which is about the same time the church became a popular spot for underage drinking, partying, ect. My father in law was one of those kids. The rumors that the church was haunted started with an organ banging, eyes in the windows, lights in the church and a figure moving about. Imagination then takes hold and the haunting esclades into more.

To my point, at that time, there was a man who lived in the woods. He was well known as the homeless man any other information on him is really unknown. Not many people set out to befriend him. At some point, he discovered the church being empty and started living there. My father in law met him and the man confessed he had been the one making the noises and attempting to scare people off. He didn’t want to be caught living there. His efforts, however, backfired and the church became even more popular. It was haunted and everyone wanted to take a look inside.

To my knowledge, no one has ever really captured anything totally abnormal. A few flashes of lights here in there, or a noise rustling. But, you are in Hell’s Church and the legend around it is enough to create nervousness. Given that it is also probably the most interesting thing in Canton, the story tends to get exaggerated a bit.

I don’t mean to de-bunk anything you may have found, I just simply wanted to give you an explaination that never gets explored. I am a firm believer in the supernatural and I have been witness to unexplainable phenoman, so I have a great amount of respect for what you do. Good luck in future huntings!

Thank you,




6 responses

25 02 2012
brandi davis

I live.close to there and ive even visited there trust me you get a bad feelong when you drive up to there it is very creepy I just dont see why one would do that its crazy…

Brandi davis, 13

21 01 2013
robin purple

I have been to the Church twice and got some grate pics . if any one would like to go i would go with you if you are not scared and you must be respectful. e-,ail me at earlyk1977@yahoo.com.

Kerri Early 35

2 07 2013
jon tyler

uhhhh, i have a picture of a ghost that i caught on camera.. email me if you want to see it.

29 01 2014
broken bells

Hi to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more
from this web page, and your views are fastidious in support of new visitors.

17 02 2014
Who's watching

I have visited the church several times. It is most interesting if you go on Saturday night before the 1st Sunday. Absolutely, unbelievable. I invite everyone to respectfully go see what this place is all about.

2 09 2015

Just made a 1st time daytime visit. Although its somewhat picturesque here, I lean towards believing the tales of the haunting. The place is very strangely located and isolated. If strange things weren’t going on, why the secrecy? What is it about having a baptismal pool way back in the woods? That’s VERY strange for any group claiming to be christian. Why is the crawl space under the church open to the elements? ….as if a trap. Something is quite off with this place. I will be back for a night visit now that I have a feel for the grounds for safety purposes. Anyone want to join? I welcome your company!

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