Sounds in the Dark – Allatoona Pass

15 02 2009


Odd Sound?


Whisper? #2

Alright, so I know all you out there have been waiting for some new stuff from me to listen to.  This is from when Jenn, Ryan, and I went to the Pass about two weeks ago, January 31.  The first file I think sounds like a chirp, could have been a bird, but what birds would be making noise that late at night.  The second, which at first I thought could be my recorder rubbing against my clothes, but I tried to recreate the sound and was unable to reproduce it.  It sounds almost evil, hehe.  The third and forth clips are what to me sounded like a young kid or female voice whispering something.  I’m not quite sure exactly what it could be saying and I’m sure its not any of us.  I tried to amplify the section to determine the words but was still unable to figure it out.  This will probably be the only potential evidence from our trip.  I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the clips I’ve provided.  We should be going on another investigation next weekend, so stay tuned!




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16 02 2009

(1) Clip 1 I hear the chirp but it sounds like it is part of the other background noise in this clip which I’m wondering what it is?

(2) Clip 2, that is just freaky, what the heck are those noises? I do hear a woman voice whispering something like “hey”? That loud noise is just really wierd… It would depend on what we were doing at the time but we have video on this entire trip so we will need to match them up for our future release 🙂

(3) I hear “approaching” in the whisper but cannot tell what the full sentence is. Like “as approaching them in?”

(4) IDK sounds like a noise off in the background?


3 03 2009

woah, that’s creepy. definitely not your jacket

3 03 2009

the odd sound sounds like panting… er heavy breathing… like someone is having a hard time breathing…

3 03 2009

or dragging? like someone is dragging something… the end part sound like dragging.

3 03 2009

whisper… as according to them? eyes approaching on them? I was important to them? I was pointing to them? something like that. what were we talking about before that?? ….definitely a girl. but really creepy!!

3 03 2009

the last one.. lol sounds like somebody dieing! UGhhh… like someone just got punched in the gut…

3 03 2009

the chirp? i donno… lol

3 03 2009

Sorry it took me forever to comment!

3 03 2009
Andy Roo

The third clip was just me and Paige in the trenches while you and Ry were way off in the woods. We were just talking about my part on the team and my views on ghost.

18 11 2013

I really really want to hear, being from the area I’m curious, but the page says the clips are no longer available. Is there any way to get them emailed to me?

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