Sounds in the Dark – Allatoona Pass

15 02 2009


Odd Sound?


Whisper? #2

Alright, so I know all you out there have been waiting for some new stuff from me to listen to.  This is from when Jenn, Ryan, and I went to the Pass about two weeks ago, January 31.  The first file I think sounds like a chirp, could have been a bird, but what birds would be making noise that late at night.  The second, which at first I thought could be my recorder rubbing against my clothes, but I tried to recreate the sound and was unable to reproduce it.  It sounds almost evil, hehe.  The third and forth clips are what to me sounded like a young kid or female voice whispering something.  I’m not quite sure exactly what it could be saying and I’m sure its not any of us.  I tried to amplify the section to determine the words but was still unable to figure it out.  This will probably be the only potential evidence from our trip.  I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the clips I’ve provided.  We should be going on another investigation next weekend, so stay tuned!


EVPs by Andy, Allatoona Pass Battlefield – Cartersville, Georgia

24 11 2008


So here are the sounds from friday November 14 at “The Pass” that I believe to be unexplainable. Rather than me tell you what I’m hearing, you let me know what you hear and I’ll tell you if thats what I heard in the first place. I’d rather not just come out and say what each one is since that may cause you to believe you’re hearing something that just isn’t that. I won’t taint your mind with my words just yet. This is sort of an experiment for me to see which is the best way to present the EVP’s I. Therefore, next time I may just let you know what I heard or which ever way I find to be the best. Plus this is my attempt at getting people to comment here and not just glace by.

Back to Allatoona Pass Battlefield Again… Cartersville, Georgia

21 11 2008

We made our third trip out to The Pass last night. Unfortunately, it had just rained so it was very misty out there. We did not have many experiences (nowhere near the last time). We did, however, hear some noises off in the woods and had the strange breeze once again as we were walking in and out of the pass (the wind was strong only when walking out). There were times when we were standing quietly in a group by the unknown grave and I heard someone “walking around us” on the pass, especially around Andrew. I thought it was him just moving his feet but everyone was still when I turned around. I am awaiting Andrew’s sound recordings to hear more about this.

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Interesting E-mail on Allatoona Pass Battlefield – Cartersville, Georgia

21 11 2008

I sent an e-mail out to a local group to see what they knew/experienced out at the pass, I got a reply from one of their members who is also a local historian:

Hi, I saw your site and notice you guys have investigated “The Pass”. I also was aware that similar stuff has happened to you guys: Gun Powder, Burning Flesh, Pictures of Orbs near grave. What is odd is that last weekend we went in with 3 people and the two girls I was with saw a horse in the pass with a few soldiers standing and watching us. We even dropped my friends cell phone out there last week and did not realize it until we left. Upon returning there was a piece of cloth lying on the wall where we were sitting in the parking lot during our break, it was right next to where we were sitting and WAS NOT THERE BEFORE. We discovered it was a child’s very old shirt but it wasn’t from that time period. However, it wasn’t American and smelt like gun powder + misty old perfume. When we went in to retrieve the phone something on the pass made a loud noise (like a log snapping in half) and then came running towards us. We also had a moment after seeing the “horse” where we shined a light into the woods near the spot it was seen (we heard what sounded like a man walking through leaves/branches) and something big ran off into the woods in about 0.2 seconds without hesitation. What is odd is that the sound was gone in about 2 seconds, we could not hear something running off in the distance.

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Weird Coincidence At The Pass (Allatoona Pass Battlefield)? – Cartersville, Georgia

21 11 2008

I wanted to also build off my last post about our first trip. In the first trip I saw what appeared to be a horse in the mist:

I’m not sure if this is coincidental with the other “horse” pictures I had received. I did show Emma some of the other photos we got on our first trip and she noted in an overlooked photo what also appeared to be another “horse”. I admit the photos could be our imagination I just thought it was interesting so here they are:

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Back to “The Pass” (Allatoona Pass Battlefield) and Roswell Georgia – Cartersville, Georgia and Roswell, Georgia

21 11 2008

Last weekend we went on our second trip. Friday at the Battlefield Pass that I went to in Trip 1 and Saturday in Roswell at the old mill ruins.

On Friday I went out to the pass with 2 other people: my friend Jennifer from trip 1 and my girlfriend’s sister that has never been to the pass and first time ghost hunting.

-EMF Detector
-2 Flash Lights
-My Girlfriend’s Photography Camera

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Our First Ghost Hunt: Allatoona Battlefield Pass Acworth, GA and Witch’s Graveyard Smyrna, GA

21 11 2008

Our first trip took place on October 25th 2008. As it was our first trip out there we did not really have much of a technique. For the most part we went out there snapping random pictures and observing our surroundings. Our first stop was Witch’s Graveyard, an 1800’s graveyard in Smyrna, GA. We did not have many strange experiences out here but we did however get a pretty neat picture:

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