Sounds From Beyond? Marietta City Cemetery

15 12 2008

Marietta Cemetery Everywhere

I recorded exact 1 hour and 23 minutes at Marietta City Cemetery.  Unfortunatly the cemetery was right next to train tracks and a fairly busy road so at many points it was hard to even hear myself talking.  There was really no way around this since the train runs non-stop.  However I was able to catch this sound when Jenn and I were walking through the area of unknown graves near the Confederate part of the cemetery.  She ask where the unknown grave are and after a few seconds a reply comes back that sounds like everywhere.  At first I thought it could be me whispering it, but I don’t think I would have waited that long to reply to her.  Thats was the only sound I caught that could no be explained.  But, as I said, there was the almost constant sound of cars and/or train run plus it was pretty windy.  There could have been other sounds but it would have been near impossible for me with my equipment to pick out from the extremely loud background noises.  One thing I would like to note, though it has nothing to do with EVPs, was that the moment we stepped into the cemetery I felt a very distinct temperature change.  I noticed it when Ryan and I explored it earlier that day and Emma noticed when we came later that night and I hadn’t metioned it to her before hand.  That will be all for a while from me since we won’t be heading out until after New Years Day.  I would like to wish everyone who visits this blog a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Happy New Years, and whatever else you may celebrate during this time!


Ghostly “Orbs” Manifesting at Marietta Confederate Cemetery?

14 12 2008

I don’t always believe that orbs appearing in photos at haunted locations are in fact paranormal as they can be explained by a lot of different things such as dust. However, a trip to Marietta Confederate Cemetery/Old Marietta City Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia one cold night proves otherwise, in my opinion. I’m not saying these photos I’ve taken are definitely ghosts haunting an old cemetery in Marietta, but they are definitely something I cannot explain. Could this confederate cemetery in historic Marietta, Georgia be a haunted cemetery housing the ghosts of civil war soldiers and slaves?

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