The Next Hunt is the Hardest

29 06 2009

Sorry we have been a little lacking in the new investigations. We’ve just been having a hard time trying to find time to gather and go out. We do have some very nice investigations planned for the near future, we just need to find a good night to go out. While you wait for our next big post, you can always check out the videos on youtube of our last visit to Allatoona Pass. I believe that our next investigation will definitely be worth the wait. Hope you guy stick around to see what we have in store.


Bumps in the Night – Cheatham Hill Battlefield

12 04 2009

Beep beep



Whisper in Ryan\’s Ear


Whistle and Thud


So it has been a while since I’ve posted something new.  The team has had some trouble finding time getting together with school work and personal lives (other members not me :P).  Well now that we have hopefully gotten back on track since school is winding down for us all, I should have more to post and the video series will be up and running in no time.  Ok, let’s get down the recordings.  First one was what sounded like a car horn honking, which is completely normal except for the fact it just seemed out of place.  It probably isn’t paranormal or anything just thought it was interesting.  Number two, it was just me and Jenn sitting up by the monument while Ryan and Paige were down in the field.  I think it sounded like a canon shot or other firearm.  Three, still just me and Jenn at the monument.  To me, this sounded like someone saying “Theres something” quickly.  Next, the whole team went down a path to one side of the monument that Jenn said she had a “bad” feeling about.  The path lead to a little grave dedicated to all unknown soldiers from the battle there.  This one sounds like someone clearing thier throat moments before Ryan asking some someone said anything.  Moving on, this is all of us again but standing by the monument after we visited the unknown grave.  I believe that is sounds like whistling off in the woods.  Next one, I believe this is just me and Jenn again at the monument.  First it that familiar whistle we always hear when we’re there, followed by what sounds like a thud way off in the woods.  Finally, all of us standin at the monument after the unknown gravesite.  Simply put, a group of people screaming through the woods very close by to us.  We went to investigate the area we heard it coming from and found no signs of life anywhere.  That is all the significant recordings I aquired while at Cheatham Hill Battlefield.  Let me know what you think and if I missed any sounds in the recordings.

My Process- Analyzing EVPs with Andy

5 02 2009

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails asking me to post an article about how I go about analyzing recordings I obtain.  Let me start off by saying that I am in no way an absolute expert in this field but I do feel I have enough knowledge to write something about this.

First off, I downloaded a free program called Audacity.  I like this program since it works pretty well with what I am trying to do.  I use an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-4100PC, which was fairly inexpensive at about $50.  Yet again, works very well with what I am trying to do.  I first usually upload my recordings to the program that came with the recorder then switch it over to Audacity.  From there I usually label the recordings according to where they were taken and if this is a second or third trip.  From there, I proceed to listen to the recordings with my headphones, which use external noise cancellation.  As for the environment I try to maintain while listening, I try to keep everything as quiet as possible and do nothing but listen.  That means, I do not search around on my laptop, answer e-mails, text people, nothing but listen and devote me full attention to the recordings.  It may be tedious, but in the end it ensures that I am full aware of anything that may or may not occur on the recordings.  When I do hear something that I cannot explain, I listen to the context of the clip.  From there, I isolate the area making sure to include a good amount of time before and after the interested area to give the listeners the clip in context.  I try to make out what the sound could possiblely be and contact both Ryan and Jenn to get their interpretation.  I try not to tell them what I hear first so their opinion is not biased and they are not trying to make it sound like what I heard.  After careful analyzation, if I am still unable to explain the sound, I post it here for everyone to listen to and, hopefully, give their opinion.  I hope this helps all of you who have asked for this and if you have any recordings you would like me to listen to please feel free to e-mail it to our address.  I would be more than happy to help with any of your EVP needs.

Coming Soon…

18 01 2009

I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates, we have been quite busy with school starting, holidays, and testing out new camera equipment. For the next couple of months, Jennifer, Andrew, and myself will be producing the first season of an online ghost hunting show. Season 1 will consist of us exploring some of the most haunted locations around the state of Georgia. We have chosen 5 locations for season 1, some of these we have explored in the past, most are entirely new locations that we feel would interest our viewers. For the moment, you may view updates for this series on this blog, more information will be coming soon.

Ghostly Sounds- Cheetham Hill and Bulloch Hall

14 12 2008

Cheetham Hill Whistle

Bulloch Hall Rattle

These were the only sounds I captured from Cheetham  Hill and Bulloch Hall.  The whistling sounds from Cheetham were clear enough to be heard by all of us.  Jenn even commented on hearing it accompanied by a “Hey”.  I was not able to hear that on the recording, but you can be the judge of that.  As for Bulloch Hall, it sounded like a door closing and rattling.  Ryan would like me to go back over these recordings since he and the rest of the group heard whispering at Cheetham Hill.  I did not hear at the time nor upon examination of the recordings, but will attempt to see if anything can possibly heard.  I haven’t had a chance yet to go over Marietta Cemetery, I’ve been busy with work and Christmas prep.  I’ll make it a point to go over Marietta and the other recordings tomorrow.

Update: Upon further review of the part of Cheatham Hill where the rest of the group claimed to hear whispering,  I did in fact here whispering on the recording.  However, when I listened closer it turned out to only be Ryan whispering to me or some other members whispering.  It was nothing paranormal that I could determine. – Bookmark It!

14 12 2008

I registered a domain name for our blog:
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Haunted Georgia – Google it!

8 12 2008

So, I just noticed that if you type in hauntedgeorgia in google, our sites is on the first page 6th one down.  How about that?  I think thats pretty awesome.  Just felt like sharing it with everyone here on this site and those who visit us.