Request Investigation

If you believe you have a haunted location we would love to investigate it!

Be aware that as beginners we cannot provide state-of-the-art detection equipment and sometimes can be quite unsure of what we experience BUT we try our best to seek answers for every piece of evidence that we gather in a professional and skeptical manner.

If you are interested our group investigating your location please contact us at with information on your location and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


14 responses

20 01 2009

You guys should check out the vacant factory building in the Cartersville industrial park! Eeeeek!

20 01 2009
Andy Roo

We’ll definitely look into that one
If you have any info on it just e-mail to our address

20 01 2009

You got any info on this place? Sounds really interesting 😀

30 01 2009

Okay i cannot find the address because i cant remember where it is, but i am trying to find it via google earth because it is on a video on my phone from when me and my friend were exploring, so i promise i will have you an address soon!

30 01 2009

Okay i found it and im sorry for the crude directions but Google Earth should bring you right there. Latitude: 34°10’47.32″N Longitude: 84°48’23.96″W

I have a pic from Street View but im not sure where to post it so i will e-mail it to Jenn

30 01 2009

Oh yea, and what i know about the place is very limited.. it used to be some kind of grain plant but it was shut down.. im not sure if it is private property..

3 02 2009

It was called “GOLD KIST CARTERSVILLE FEED MILL”. Thanks for the information on this location. I couldn’t quite find any history on the place other than the name, I’ll keep looking though. You’ve been here before?

12 03 2009

Hey guys, i have an official investigation request. Its at 49 Moores Springs Rd Kingston Ga 30145. I have lived here for about two years and i can disclose more specific information on the happenings in private. I did some research last week and found out this property is ancient Indian burial/religious ground. I would definitely appreciate an investigation. Activity tends to be sporadic, maybe once every couple of weeks…

1 04 2009

You should check out Salem Church/graveyard in Dawsonville, GA. It has been around since the 1800’s. There are so many things that is said to go on there. From cars just shutting off , to flickering of their headlights. If you look in to the church windows it is said that you can see red eyes at the alter. The place is really old and scary looking.

6 10 2011

have u ever checked out the old mill on sweetwater creek in douglasville or soap creek mill in cobb countys in georgia

6 10 2011

it has been around since civil war era

9 03 2013

Today I went in to the Taylor Brawner House in Smyrna Ga on Atlanta Rd. I walked in the back door of the building looking for the rental office since the house is not an event hall. The Minute I walked in the house I felt eyes on me like people where peeking around corners and from stairs ways looking at me and my kids as we looked around. The feeling of uneasy was surrounded and all I wanted to do was get out of there. I believe that this house needs an investigation due to the way that people died in this former Mental Hospital.

20 01 2014
lisa simpson

Plz contact me I also live

21 08 2015
Angie Malone

Hey my name is Angie Malone and me and my boyfriend do paranormal photography. We are new to the N.West Georgia.I’ve heard stories about Kennesaw Mountain and it’s spirit activity.I was wondering if we could come out and do an investigation in September we are pretty flexible as far as dates.

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