Letter From a Visitor – Hell’s Church, Canton

2 01 2009

We recently received an e-mail from a visitor to our site giving us some explanations on the legends surrounding Hell’s Church in Canton, GA. Please read and give us your thoughts!

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Old Roswell Mill Ruins in Roswell Georgia: Unexplainable EVPs

30 11 2008

Roswell Mill Ruins Unexplainable Sound

Roswell Old Mill Trail Stairs – Tweet

I went through most of the recordings, all except Hell’s Church.  It Thanksgiving and I’ve been spending more time with my family so I swears when I get back to school I’ll go over that one and back over to make sure I got everything that wants to be found.  The first one I heard was from the Roswell Mill ruins.  To me, it sounded like a “gruff”, thats the only thing I heard that sounded out of place.  It could be someone clearing their throat but it didn’t sound like anyone in our group.  The second one was from those Steps I love so much.  This one to me sounded like a tweet.  However, it was around 2 in the morning and I don’t think any bird would be awake and tweeting.  Thats all I have for now, sorry it took a while. Like I said bringing my lab top home to try and get work done wasn’t that great of an idea, not much work getting done.  I promise either tomorrow night or monday I will post the rest, if any, EVPs I catch.