Old Roswell Mill Ruins in Roswell Georgia: Unexplainable EVPs

30 11 2008

Roswell Mill Ruins Unexplainable Sound

Roswell Old Mill Trail Stairs – Tweet

I went through most of the recordings, all except Hell’s Church.  It Thanksgiving and I’ve been spending more time with my family so I swears when I get back to school I’ll go over that one and back over to make sure I got everything that wants to be found.  The first one I heard was from the Roswell Mill ruins.  To me, it sounded like a “gruff”, thats the only thing I heard that sounded out of place.  It could be someone clearing their throat but it didn’t sound like anyone in our group.  The second one was from those Steps I love so much.  This one to me sounded like a tweet.  However, it was around 2 in the morning and I don’t think any bird would be awake and tweeting.  Thats all I have for now, sorry it took a while. Like I said bringing my lab top home to try and get work done wasn’t that great of an idea, not much work getting done.  I promise either tomorrow night or monday I will post the rest, if any, EVPs I catch.


Hauntings at Bulloch Hall & Old Roswell Mill Ruins – Roswell, Georgia

26 11 2008

The Supposedly Haunted Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia

After several hours at Hell’s Church in Canton we decided to head out to one of our favorite locations: the haunted town of Roswell, Georgia. We love the small town of Roswell and the stories of the ghosts haunting the old Roswell mill ruins and the legends of Bulloch Hall and the young girl haunting the property. We decided to first head out to Bulloch Hall and investigate the porch lights (which have been known to turn off and on when entering and leaving the property).

For an accurate history on Bulloch Hall in Roswell, click here

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Back to “The Pass” (Allatoona Pass Battlefield) and Roswell Georgia – Cartersville, Georgia and Roswell, Georgia

21 11 2008

Last weekend we went on our second trip. Friday at the Battlefield Pass that I went to in Trip 1 and Saturday in Roswell at the old mill ruins.

On Friday I went out to the pass with 2 other people: my friend Jennifer from trip 1 and my girlfriend’s sister that has never been to the pass and first time ghost hunting.

-EMF Detector
-2 Flash Lights
-My Girlfriend’s Photography Camera

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